Tips For Photographing Your Pet

Photographing pets can provide many benefits. not all the pets such as dogs, cats are ugly. all beautiful and photogenic. Have you ever tried to take photos of furry animals and do not have great results? Don't worry, it's not your pet an ugly or whatever, You can control it all with photography.

This day I will share a series of tricks and tips for You in getting a good picture of your pet.

Tips For Photographing Your Pet
Tips For Photographing Your Pet

• Do not use flash: dogs, cats or other animals do not understand the image, not knowing they were being photographed, and less than flash. Using flash is the only thing that can frighten a child and get him to run away or react in a way that is not desirable. Rather than seeking to have flash natural light from outside. Of course, there are a lot of light.

• Focus on the eyes: always. As with humans. Animal facial expressions stemming from the eye, so remember to focus.

• Lower your position, don't shoot the cat or dog from above, better little bows, kneeling, or lie completely upside down. Adopting this approach will get the picture.

• Looking for a good background: the background is a major element in composition. determine the entire photo. not each uniform color background from a variety of colors, the background is a simple compound.

• Using lamp as best as possible. It could be a 50 mm f/1.4 for instance, or even f/1.8.

• Although with a suitable lens for portraits, it might be a good idea to use a target which distorts reality by offering a little funny. For example a typical fisheye lens would be a good candidate.

• We must realize that these little creatures at times can't work together, so you need to plan to take photos in stride. Choosing a good time, setting up the camera and let the animals you see him for a while until it no longer felt weird. While it's thought is a type of photo you want, composition, etc. .. Remember that once you put the captured images will probably have a bit of time before your friend is running, so quietly and plan it all before.

• Shutter speeds using high media: surely your pets can't sit still, and most likely without having to do a tripod, so you must use a Shutter speed is rather high.

• Then blur the background and focus on the foreground subject usually gives very good results in humans as well as animals.

• Looking for inspiration: before planning a shooting session you may be looking for inspiration on Flickr with the keyword ' pets ', ' animals ', ' cat ', ' dog '. Using the photos of other photographers for inspiration and new ideas.

These little article about tips for photographing your pet