Pinhole Photography Workshop With Ilan Wolf

Pinhole Photography

Pinhole photography workshop with Ilan Wolf, known internationally for his work done with the ancient technique of the camera obscura is a rara avis. Wolf gave his first workshop in Spain in the Fine Arts in Madrid in the 80's he has since remained in love with Spain and so we are fortunate to have frequently with their workshops.

In late July, Wolf will give a workshop in a darkroom technique and frame organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art Fenosa Gas under the title The magic of photography. It will be an activity of 18 teaching hours in two sessions on 26 and 27 July.

Workshop attendees will gather the imagination, manual labor and some very basic materials for each participant to create a single image while knows and understands the whole process of image creation. Participants will create your "camera" aimlessly, shooting her and then developing the negative and contact positivar. No optical instruments (objectives or enlargers) involved in the process of creating images, but the centennial of the camera obscura technique already described by Aristotle. Each participant will make positive 6-8 good quality (of the 10 or 12 negative) and two frames of 15 × 30 cm.

Pinhole Photography

Born in Nahariya, 1955, Israel. Gets the O.R.T. at the Art High School in Israel. From 1976 to 1977 worked as a freelance Graphic Designer for the magazine. Between 1977 and 1978 does work on agriculture and, from this year until 1981, will be responsible of the Photography Department of the N. Bloomfield Academy of Art in Haifa. From now until the 97 continues his work as a freelance in Amsterdam, New York and Paris, using the pinhole camera.

He has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions. His photographs have been exhibited in prestigious museums and theaters around the world: from the National Library in Paris, Tel Aviv Museum, the Museum of Fine Arts of Long Island in New York, at different theaters in Germany and Great Britain. Ilan Wolff has been the star photographer at the Biennale de la Photo Moix Paris in November 2000 with his exhibition "Camera Obscura à Paris".

Pictures of Inspiration

If you search hard enough inspiration, you can find creative inspiration on the go, one of my favorite places to get inspiration is to look at different images, which give you an idea.

When it comes to inspiration then there is no resource constraint. The main source of inspiration for some of our work, we must always remember the phrase "a picture is worth a thousand words." Are the pictures that speak and teach with a bit of an observer. with the inspiration to do on our own image is surprisingly good observer.

Pictures of Inspiration

In this section we show a collection of photographs on the Internet, especially those who inspire us to help us create our own image, so that we can learn by seeing pictures of the great photographers of the world. Each of these articles is a collection of images you can enjoy and learn to meditate.

I hope this material will provide benefits and uses, at least that was my intention. So enjoy.

Photo Recover with Recovery Photo Digicam

A lot has happened to us, we deleted photos from memory card or computer with the same error and then failed to recover. Use some program and you do not get results. Well, here I will show another program which, according to testimony offered on the page to download. Photo Recover with Recovery Photo Digicam

Recovery Photo Digicam

From what I can translate some of the testimony shows things like:

• If you do not get a photo with this program, I do not think that someone else will do.

• Better than all it's free and very smart.

• Even formatted the card you will be able to get pictures.

• It's much easier to use than PhotoRec, intuitive, while the direction is not to be used.

• The program is very small in size, is the executable that you will just stick with the USB drive.

• I got the photos deleted by the size of the original file and Exif knowledge.

• You will be able to take photos from digital cameras, from computers and even a smartphone.

• Very easy to use and select the drive and provide the back button

Web link to the download

New Canon 600EX-RT, The First Flash Of The Future

Has not nonetheless been written regarding the new flash Canon 600EX Speedlite-RT, and also the truth is strange as a result of i actually believe that this is often a flash that marks the trail of what is going to be the hand flashes or laptops currently.

Why I say this thus emphatically? it just because it's the primary flash that includes a system for receiving and transmitting radio that allows you to connect wirelessly each with different flashes of his generation as a fervent radio transmitter.

By employing a radio signal 600EX Speedlite-RT isn't subject to the restrictions of ancient IR system that till currently have all the flashes (including this one). the most distinction is that when it involves infrared transmitter and receiver should have a line of eye contact and this, in an off-camera flash, it's typically tough to attain, problem is increased if we have a tendency to are functioning on outdoors with natural lightweight reduces the intensity of the infrared signal.

The launch of this new flash has additionally been amid the introduction of a radio transmitter, Speedlite Transmitter ST-E3-RT. during this manner, Canon is that the 1st manufacturer that responds to the wants of radio with amateur and skilled photographers and to date had to be coated with another material corporations like Pocket Wizard, Phottix or Cactus.

So far this new flash drive is an orphan and may not communicate by radio-infrared if different models within the Canon, that makes it doubtless that soon launch new lower power flashes additionally incorporate Radio Frequency performance.

Moreover, the Speedlite 600EX-RT may be a flash with a similar power because the 580 EX II however with a additional powerful zoom (200mm reach) permitting you to boast a guide variety of 60 for a hundred ISO. In terms of construction if a breakthrough with a body sealed against the weather to a similar standards of Canon EOS 1D X and incorporates a abundant larger show that makes it easier to handle and will increase usability.

Christmas Night Shots of Cities

Christmas night shots in the cities of the world.  focused more on the night feedings when the brightness of the details adorn the streets and natural light is scarce, well now you leave a few examples in a gallery of beautiful shots city ​​at Christmas.

The photographs were taken by individuals, not necessarily bone professional level, but they have definitely got a great expression that touches the senses, of course that the decoration is another factor that gives projection to the photographs.

The pictures speak for themselves, in some more detail is noticeable taste that combines shadow and light, others are a bit more spontaneous and therefore have a definite plus, say that they have the seal of the personality of capture. Look at the angles, must be free to seek a position unthinkable, for the best viewing is in the eye of the creative, because you do not follow the normal time.

There is no single location, and repeat, the rules must be broken no need to bend a little, we can get good pictures in patterns, tips and advice, in addition to the technological factor, but you can trust your taste, remember that the best details always dictates the heart and more so at Christmas.

Christmas Night Shots of Cities

Ami Vitale Woman Documentary Photographer

Ami Vitale
Ami Vitale is documentary photographer woman from american ( born 1971, now living in montana ) using photography to highlight the aspect of human from flict surround us, communicate simpely, coarse, humble, human and beautiful.

Passion for photographing the discrepancy comes from the students at the University of North Carolina where he studied international relations. Often travel the route from home to school by bike through the different environments in which the economic and social contrast is obvious.

Like some other leave a secure job (such as a graphics editor for the Associated Press), lives a calm and stable income after documenting the world. He went to the Czech Republic to work as a photographer at a small newspaper, and later to Kosovo.

Photo became a pretext for travel reasons and went to focus their lives.

Photographs often appear in publications such as Time and relevant, The New York Times, US News & World Report, Newsweek, National Geographic Adventure, Discovery, or GEO.

Documentary Photographer


Tips For Photographing Your Pet

Photographing pets can provide many benefits. not all the pets such as dogs, cats are ugly. all beautiful and photogenic. Have you ever tried to take photos of furry animals and do not have great results? Don't worry, it's not your pet an ugly or whatever, You can control it all with photography.

This day I will share a series of tricks and tips for You in getting a good picture of your pet.

Tips For Photographing Your Pet
Tips For Photographing Your Pet

• Do not use flash: dogs, cats or other animals do not understand the image, not knowing they were being photographed, and less than flash. Using flash is the only thing that can frighten a child and get him to run away or react in a way that is not desirable. Rather than seeking to have flash natural light from outside. Of course, there are a lot of light.

• Focus on the eyes: always. As with humans. Animal facial expressions stemming from the eye, so remember to focus.

• Lower your position, don't shoot the cat or dog from above, better little bows, kneeling, or lie completely upside down. Adopting this approach will get the picture.

• Looking for a good background: the background is a major element in composition. determine the entire photo. not each uniform color background from a variety of colors, the background is a simple compound.

• Using lamp as best as possible. It could be a 50 mm f/1.4 for instance, or even f/1.8.

• Although with a suitable lens for portraits, it might be a good idea to use a target which distorts reality by offering a little funny. For example a typical fisheye lens would be a good candidate.

• We must realize that these little creatures at times can't work together, so you need to plan to take photos in stride. Choosing a good time, setting up the camera and let the animals you see him for a while until it no longer felt weird. While it's thought is a type of photo you want, composition, etc. .. Remember that once you put the captured images will probably have a bit of time before your friend is running, so quietly and plan it all before.

• Shutter speeds using high media: surely your pets can't sit still, and most likely without having to do a tripod, so you must use a Shutter speed is rather high.

• Then blur the background and focus on the foreground subject usually gives very good results in humans as well as animals.

• Looking for inspiration: before planning a shooting session you may be looking for inspiration on Flickr with the keyword ' pets ', ' animals ', ' cat ', ' dog '. Using the photos of other photographers for inspiration and new ideas.

These little article about tips for photographing your pet