FEP Awards Winners 2011

The Federation of European Professional Photographers (FEP) has announced its 2011 awards and we are happy to report that the winner was the Spanish Jolonch Oriol, who has also taken the first prize in the photo illustration. The Austrian Fasching Luca Leon was the winner in the category youth.

FEP Awards 2011 were sponsored by Epson and announced in Brussels on 26 November. Over 2,000 images were submitted for the contest in seven different categories: weddings, commercial photography, portrait, reportage, landscape and illustrative photography, plus a category for photographers outside Europe and the aforementioned category for students and young photographers.

FEP Awards Winners 2011

Below these lines you have the complete list of winners in each of the categories of FEP Awards 2011. Jolonch Oriol addition, the Spanish photographers Germain Arce, Javier Avis Barrado, Xanthi Rodríguez, José Luis Guardia Guardia Peinado and Jose Luis Vazquez also been honored for their work.


•    Oriol Jolonch Spain: Illustrative FEP European Golden Camera 2011
•    Jose Diogo Freitas Portugal: Illustrative FEP European Silver Camera Award 2011
•    Germain Maple Spain: Illustrative FEP European Camera Bronze Award 2011


•    Rep. Czech Ondrej Prosicky: FEP European Golden Camera Landscape 2011
•    Kulisev Slovakia Filip: FEP European Landscape Award 2011 Silver Camera
•    Czech Republic Jiri Stransky: FEP European Bronze Landscape Camera Award 2011


•    Igor Sakharov Russia: Portrait Hahnemuhle FEP European Golden Camera 2011
•    Ingrid van Heteren Netherlands: European Portrait FEP Hahnemühle Silver Camera Award 2011
•    Carl Tighe Ireland: Hahnemuhle Camera FEP European Bronze Portrait Award 2011


•    Antonio Gibotta Italy: Reportage FEP European Golden Camera 2011
•    Barbui Paolo Italy: European FEP Reportage Silver Camera Award 2011
•    Philippe Le Jeune France: European FEP Camera Reportage Bronze Award 2011


•    Avis Barrado Javier Spain: FEP European Golden Wedding Camera 2011
•    Xanthi Spain Rodriguez: FEP European Silver Wedding Camera Award 2011
•    Peinado José Luis Guardia Spain: FEP European Bronze Wedding Camera Award 2011


•    René de Brunn Germany: European Commercial FEP Golden Camera 2011
•    Xanthi Rodriguez Spain: European Commercial FEP Silver Camera Award 2011
•    José Luis Vázquez Spain Guard: FEP European Camera Commercial Bronze Award 2011

International photographers

•    Soh Chee Loon Jericho Singapore: FEP International Photographers' Golden Camera 2011
•    Lucas Ting Malaysia: FEP International Photographers' Silver Camera Award 2011
•    Tami Reynolds Canada: FEP International Photographers' Bronze Camera Award 2011

Students / Young Photographers

•    Luca Leon Fasching Austria: FEP European Students and Young Photographers' Golden Camera 2011
•    Krysiak Poland Dawid: FEP European Students and Young Photographers' Silver Camera Award 2011
•    Marjan Kegels Belgium: European FEP Students and Young Photographers' Award 2011 Bronze Camera

Reference: http://www.europeanphotographers.eu/