Helmut Newton photograph collection

Who does not know the famous photographer Helmut Newton? The photographer of fashion basic that has a lot of producing works that are phenomenal photo. Today, we'll share some photos of Helmut Newton.

Helmut Newton photograph collection

Digital photographers can smile only at Polaroid - if they still know

them generally but it came to pass at a time when the Polaroid picture

was the only possibility for the photographer to see his picture

immediately. Helmut Newton was also a big fan of it. The collection of

his Polaroid tells about it - and now was published.

Helmut Newton photograph collection
To test picture composition and light before the admission for film,

Newton of Polaroid has done and he has kept these "test pictures".

Helmut Newton photograph collection
Today thus viewer can watch in the Austelung of "Polaroid", the

significant photo artist at the work. Newton's fans can discover

Polaroid to many of the most famous admissions from several decades.

Helmut Newton photograph collection
The collection of these "test pictures" has put together of Newton

widow June. The pictures catch now and again a little bit one of many

sworn magics which should have ruled with Helmut Newton Fotoshootings.

Helmut Newton photograph collection
In the 1970s Helmut Newton became internationally famous by his works

for the fashion magazine "Vogue". At that time the Berliner by birth

developed quite own Bildsprache. He produced his models not in the

studio, but in everyday situations, hotel rooms, on the beach, on the


Helmut Newton photograph collection
His contradictory scenarios have introduced Helmut Newton a lot of

praise - from feminist side, nevertheless, also criticism