The balance in the photographic composition

Today we are going to speak about the balance in the photographic composition. There are two basic ways of finding balance, be already symmetrical or asymmetric.

The symmetrical composition gives us an idea of statism, a quietude of the photographed object. Often the portraits are usually quite symmetrical, especially if the subject is straight ahead to the camera.

The asymmetric composition, on the contrary, gives a sensation of movement and an action. In photos of asymmetric composition, there are often  used effect as a diffuse fund that increases the idea of depth and more leading role gives to an object in particular that probably is not in in center of the image.

Before taking a photo, he thinks about the effect that you want to create. Sometimes the building photos and, as we said to you, the portraits, they usually generate more impact for his symmetry. Whereas, when we want to photograph an object or it presents itself in movement an asymmetric composition is better. The same point when we want to include diverse points of attention in a photography.