Food photography with simple tricks

Food photography tricks, Freshness and attraction are the most important elements in the effect from Food photograph. Indeed, food is a perishable product and not always looks in the reality so nice as that the photographers wish. Hence, something which can helps is trick.

Food photography tricks

Some examples:

- To create cooking atmosphere with steam, the stylists reach to small nebulous machines. Also the
  combination of real cooking smoke and dry ice offers many satisfactory results.

- Glass containers, fruit and vegetables look especially fresh and crisp if these are provided with water pearls.
  A grease-free surface is a condition. Then spray with acrylic spray to raise a mixture of water and glycerin.

- A surface treatment that is combined by syrup priming and next strewing with powdered sugar creates a
  permanently'frosty' look

- Brown food color lends roast and fowl crunchy qualities

- In cream do not become Corn Flakes pappig so fast. Meanwhile The use of white glue is considered 

- Coffee looks better if red wine with in the mug is

- Even Vegetables should be cooked rather only blanches, so that it looks more fresh

- Drinks that are diluted with water will be pleasure because the light is better durchschimmert and the
  impression perliger

- Ice cubes of acrylic are more stable in form and position than the real cold doers

- Drink foam for beer and cappuccino become more persuasive with soap bubbles

- Tea looks better if coffee and water are in the cup

- It is better if Salads may not touch sauce because the sauce of greens allows to collapse. It depends only
  on the surface: Hence, the salad is arranged in the bowl with pleasure on a'stage' of mashed potatoes

- Ice balls are formed from margarine and it is made long-lasting. Food color provides for the right taste