Food photography tips step by step

Food takes photos – step by step instructions

If you sit in your kitchen, Should you always look a bald wall? How would it be then if you take a photo and picture of food hang on the wall?

Food photography is a great eye-catcher on the wall. Is there a court that you eat so properly with pleasure? If so, you properly take a photo of it and hang the pictures to yourselves in the kitchen on the wall. Photos of delightfully arranged food are since a really great eye-catcher. In addition, that is something else than the pictures which are to be found, otherwise, in an apartment. Even the professionals have a great photo equipment and cooperate with special food stylists, do not intimidate yourselves and try to take a photo of food simply.
Food photography tips

Food photography tips step by step instructions:
1. If you like to do such photos at home, you should buy the ingredients for your favorite court freshly and preparely. It is also important that you do not give the food simply in a bowl or a plate, but arrange everything affectionately and of course appetizing. If you do not have the opinion to do this, you can also do to take a  picture of food in a restaurant next time. In a restaurant, these are arranged nicely.

2. If you do the photos at home, you should remember of cleaning the edge of the plate, after you have filled in the food. An unsightly stain in the edge of the plate can spoil the whole picture. You should see the elements as for example cutlery, glasses, etc. In your picture, you should polish this once again.

3. No matter whether you do the photo at home or in a restaurant now, it is important that you do the photo near a window without direct sunlight. Their motive should have only side light. The picture thereby automatically gets a depth effect.

4. Because of the picture should be seen merely the plate with the food and, perhaps the parts of the glass and the cutlery. You must put your camera on a possibly big screen, thus a small screen number. With it you can fade out the surroundings.

5. Because of the long exposure times, you should put your camera on a table tripod. If there is no tripod, then you should put on the foreground of the food sharply that hands hold quiet and press the trigger.

6. Do the best of all several photos from different perspectives. Thus you can select from a row of photos the best one later.

7. Afterwards you can print out the pictures yourselves or allow to print a special photo as a poster and hang on the wall.