Henri Cartier-Bresson Famous Photographers

Henri Cartier-Bresson Famous Photographers
Henri Cartier-Bresson (August twenty two, 1908 - August three, 2004) was a French famous photographer who is believed to be the daddy of contemporary photojournalism, an early adopted the 35mm format, and therefore the master, "sincerely "photos. Cartier-Bresson was born within the Chantelle-e-Brie, near Paris, France, and was the eldest of 5 youngsters. His father was a wealthy textile manufacturer, Cartier-Bresson thread (Cartier-Bresson) is usually employed in the textile business in France. Cartier-Bresson's family lived in an exceedingly bourgeois suburb of Paris, and due to the family from that he received money support, Cartier - Bresson developed his interest in photography into a a lot of freelance manner than several of his contemporaries.

Cartier-Bresson in Paris, he studied in an exceedingly Catholic faculty, Ecole Fenelon. His uncle Louis, a gifted painter, introduced Cartier-Bresson painting. In 1927, at the age of nineteen, Cartier-Bresson entered a non-public art faculty and therefore the Academy of heap, Paris studio Cubist painter and sculptor Andre heap (Andre Lhote). Cartier-Bresson conjointly studied painting with Jacques Emile Blanche portraitist. heap led his students to the Louvre to check classical artists and galleries in Paris, to check modern art. Cartier-Bresson interest in trendy art was combined with admiration the work of the Renaissance - masterpieces by Jan van Eyka, Paolo Utstsello, Masatstsio and Piero della Francesca. Cartier - Bresson usually thought to be his teacher heap images while not a camera.

Cartier - Bresson died in Tsereste (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France) in 2004, he was ninety five years recent. Cartier - Bresson spent over 3 decades, operating forever magazine and different journals. Cartier - Bresson was a famous photographer who very didn't need to be photographed and treasured his privacy particularly. Photos Cartier - Bresson is, however only a few of them.

Cartier - Bresson solely used 35mm camera Leica, equipped with fifty mm traditional lens or wide angle for a few landscapes. Cartier-Bresson worked solely in black - white type, aside from a couple of unsuccessful makes an attempt in color. For me, photography with atiny low camera like Leica - it's a rapid drawing."

Cartier - Bresson continuously amazed his modesty and shyness.