Black and White Photographers

Photography was created in black and white form itself. Although a cheap color film is available now, art lovers still prefer black and white photographers. It is renowned for low cost and 'classic look' of the photographs. There are some famous photographers who devoted their lives just for the beautiful form of photography. Let us know a few of them

Black and White Photographers
Jacques Lartigue
He was a famous French photographer and a renowned painter. He started photography as a hobby at the age of six, and is usually famous for Automobile racing images. Most of his earlier images were taken within the 'stereo' format however later he explored most the fashionable day photography techniques. His a hundred and twenty photograph albums are his best visual autobiography. Lartigue captured several sporting events also, as well as the French Open, the French Grand Prix and therefore the Coupe Gordon Bennett of auto racing. The veteran photographer died within the year 1986.

Black and White Photographers
Robert Capa
Born in Budapest, Robert Capa was a twentieth century self-proclaimed photojournalist. He was principally famous as a combat photographer, as he coated as several as 5 wars, namely, the Spanish civil war, the Sino-Japanese war II, World War II, Arab-Israel War in1948 and therefore the Indo-China war. He continuously stressed on catching real life moments, instead of finding out concerning the technical details. Capa is that the co-founder of 'Magnum photos', in conjunction with Henri Cartier-Bresson. He had a tragic finish at the age of forty, whereas covering the primary Indo-China war, when he stepped on a landmine.

Black and White Photographers
Henri Cartier-Bresson
Supposedly the daddy of the trendy day photojournalism, Henri Cartier-Bresson was a French journalist. He created a serious contribution within the 'real life reportage'. he's one among the revolutionary photographers to own adopted the 35mm vary finder cameras. Died at the age of ninety five, Henri witnessed the Spanish civil war, the Paris liberation movement, the autumn of Chen Yi Kuomintang and plenty of historical moments. He was a awfully famous black and white photographer.

Black and White Photographers
James Nachtwey
Recognized as a war photographer, James Nachtwey is an yank. He has been honored with the record variety of five awards, together with the 'Robert Capa Gold Medal' of the 'Overseas Press Club'. he's conjointly famous for his film on photography and photojournalism. He got wounded whereas taking footage, throughout the year 2003, in Baghdad. He has managed to capture several major events round the world along with his camera, like - the 9/11 attacks on WTC, the tsunami in 2004, the Sudan conflict, the US invasion of Iraq and lots of additional.

Black and White Photographers
Arno Minkkinen
He is a Finland born photographer who is currently operating within the u.  s.. he's best known for his black and white pictures containing the juxtapose bodies, alongside lovely landscaping. when finishing a Master's degree in Fine Arts from Wagner school, he's currently a professor, at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell. he's the co-founder of the 'Spirit Level' workshops, held from the year 1996. His works will be seen in additional than fifty famous art museums everywhere the globe, as well as the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. His notable pictures are - Self-portrait, Beach Pond, Maija-Kaarina, Helsinki, etc.

Ansel Adams
We merely cannot miss out this prestigious name, when talking concerning famous black and white photographers. This America born photographer was conjointly a renowned environmentalist. He, together with Fred Archer, formulated the currently world famous 'zone system', that enhances the standard of images. He conjointly found the 'Group f/64', a gaggle of seven photographers, with constant reasonably photographing vogue. Their assortment is exhibited within the Museum of recent Art's photography department, today. Adams' timeless images may be seen in books, calenders and posters.

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