Underwater Photography

Underwater Photography

Underwater photography is no longer an activity that can make a few, know anyone can take pictures underwater with low-cost equipment and basic knowledge of photography. I bring a small guide which are the elements you need for this activity

This is not another boring tutorial on how to take underwater pictures with expensive equipment and a million courses to do to get a few pictures. Today I bring a few tips on how to become Underwater Photography without spending much money and time.

To begin to take your pictures are going to need certain elements:

• 1 Digital Camera
• 1 case for your camera that resists water and pressure (depending on how deep you think taking photos)
• 1 Photographer (this time you)

To begin, we must choose a camera preferably digital. In the market there are plenty of digital camera brands, some more expensive than others and some better than others. I recommend you buy one that is to your financial reach. Do not worry if the camera is a low resolution to begin with 4 Mega Pixels is fine.

Then you should think of a water resistant case and the pressure to your camera, there are many brands expensive if you buy a box of these, I congratulate you no problem, but for people who are starting there is an option and is the case dicapac (this is not an advertisement).

Underwater Photography

This case is made of durable plastic with a polycarbonate lens, looks like a camera bag as it is not rigid like other cases and is compatible with 80% of current camera models.

The spec says it can withstand up to 5 meters.

Well we already have the camera and the case will now explain how to take better pictures underwater.

First we must consider that the light in water is different from on the surface so when you take a picture should not be above the target (element you're going to take the picture) and that the light should hit it. Sure we can use the camera flash but try not to do so as not to disturb the fish too much.

If you are diving and want to take pictures of people, try to stay close to a coral, rock or object for your reference. Also tell them when you go to take the picture are not throwing away the breath as the bubbles interfere with the image and does not look good.

To take pictures of fish is another story, they do not pose for photos and if some of you know of one please let me know they pose, because this is the hardest part of underwater photography.

So how do we take the picture of the fish? When we dive we take a quiet and relaxed. The divers must take a place hydrodynamics, ie, do not interfere with the flow of water.

Good for taking pictures of the fish we have a little luck and patience to get the best pictures.

Last but not least we take care of marine life and not take things to the sea our memory as corals, clams or whatever. Imagine that everyone take a piece of coral, then at least a year would not have the beautiful things in the depths of the sea.

Enjoy to try Underwater Photography!