Mysterious Paintings by Dapacu Elegant

Mysterious Paintings that glow like jewels, mysterious worlds within the same painting, which goes beyond the third dimension, without the use of lenses.

Mysterious Paintings by Dapacu Elegant

Forms off the surface and become multi-dimensional as you learn to see

Famous Artists of Mexico presents a video, Dapacu.

Pause the video and see, you see? Once the patterns?

Stay away a little of the screen ... You See?

What you see when looking at the painting?

At first, it appears you see something and you lose, then you see something and you come and see it,

That means that you are about to enter to see multi-dimensionally.

Every time you see the video, you'll see more.

Each time you pause the video and observe, you will see that in every shot, there is much to see.

A video of thirty seconds, the pause gives details on Art Masterpiece Dapacu multidimensional.