Top 10 International Nature Photographers

Top 10 international Nature photographers
The genius and the ability of certain people, have been able to elevate the photography to something more than art. The present famous photographers are a clear example of it; besides they are being able to catch images of the reality, also they are able to transmit feelings through them and to affect to us with his works. Thanks to them, they have been immortalized unique and unique moments, as well as the best landscapes of the world of our dear planet Earth. Next we show a list to you with the Top 10 international Nature photographers :

1. Colin Prior
nature photographer
A small sample of photographies of the prestigious photographer of nature is Ralph Lee Hopkins. This photographer is the author of the book that I previously mentioned in another article of the Nature Photography.

2. Heather Angel
nature photographer
Heather Angel is a prestigious photographer of nature of English nationality. At present she has published more than 60 books on the nature and fauna. Although she does not consider essential to know in depth all that the world animal, without a doubt her books has helped her to study Zoology in the University of Bristol much.

3. Charlie Waite
nature photographer
Charlie Waite was born in London 1949. Little by little the landscape, the form of landscape in which it can be developing through the light and the shade, robbed to him of the actor profession. Spent a time he returns to London where he works like assistant of a photographer of advertising.

4. Steve Winter
nature photographer
What more flame the attention of this photographer is their incredible animal photographies. Winter takes east style superficially to a step, even catching the expressions and little habitual moments in this type of photography.

5. Declan McCullagh
Their photos have appeared in publications like: The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, GQ, Scientific American, the magazine Business 2,0, the Gear magazine, the Premiere magazine, and other tens.

6. Mike Murphy
nature photographer
One of the specialties of Mike is the photography of high speed in the water and the macro photographs. He is also a digital artist.

7. Joel Sartore
nature photographer
Sartore has obtained diverse prizes during his expanded professional race, besides writing several books, he also writes between which family emphasizes your Photographing, Phase to phase with Grizzlies and Nebraska: Under to big network sky.

8. Andrew Lawson
nature photographer
Andrew Lawson is a well-known and highly revered garden photographer whose footage are reproduced extensively in books and magazines worldwide. Andrew may be a keen gardener himself and his footage are informed by a deep data of the topic.

9. Jose Luis G. Grande
nature photographer
Jose Luis Great González was born in Candeleda (Avila) on June 22, 1953. From very early age, one felt attracted by the birds of his earth, the valley of the Tiétar and the mountain range of Gredos, lines up very rich in fauna and beautiful landscapes.

10. Arash Karimi
nature photographer
The natural photography not only deals with animal and plants, since for example Iranian photographer, Arash Karimi has several spectacular photos of landscapes in which the beauty of the natural and inalterable world can be appreciated.