Andy Warhol Famous Photographers

Andy Warhol famous photographer was born August 6, 1928. His parents lived in the U.S. state of Pennsylvania, in Pittsburgh. In 1949, Andy graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology. There he studied graphic design at the specialty and at the end got a Bachelor of Arts degree. Do not delay another minute, after graduation, Andy went to New York. This is the main occupation was the commercial advertisement - decoration. Basically Andy drew a model of women's shoes, which were shown in fashion magazines. It is this activity brought the popularity of Andy Warhol. Advertising was the starting point of artistic activity Andy. Later, he began probyvat themselves in drawing and painting, and even in photography. Andy quickly became his in a secular society, and not just his own, and gained recognition in the community.
It is also much talk about the big contribution of Andy Warhol in the film, journalism and photography. In the works of Andy was reflected and personified the triumph of commercial pop-art U.S. at that time. All his life he devoted to art photography, and its treatment, and "mass" distribution.

Just Andy worked pencil drawings, which depicted the dollar bills. Even Andy studied serigraphy allows you to copy the same story many times. This constant repetition and become a feature of the artist.

He wanted to convey in his works, their sameness of thinking. Over time, they changed the color filters and plots. On his works, he depicts scenes of natural disasters and man-made disasters, mass deaths and riots in the streets. The basic idea is the image of these pictures so many times that they just lose their meaning.