Fine art master photography list

Fine art master photography list

Each style of famous photographers who are always very interesting different. There are so many aspects of photography that you can generalize or specialize for years without ever breaking. This is art without limits in which to express themselves.

Fine art photography refers to photographs that are made in accordance with the creative vision of the photographer as an artist. Fine art photography is different from photojournalism, which provides a visual account for news, and commercial photography, the main focus is to advertise products or services.

Famous photographer displays his work the best, if you're interested in fine art photography and want to find inspiring photos from the masters of photography, maybe you'll see a gallery of the masters of photography. Most of their work will be based at a university or famous art gallery. by making photographs for many years held a sort of photography that they created. The following list are some of the work of photographers who are very talented and creative. You can visit these sites and see fine art photography.

Master Of Photography :

Ansel Adams                                                           Sam Haskins
Richard Avedon                                                       Frank Horvat
Ruth Bernhard                                                         William Henry Jackson
Werner Bischof                                                       George Krause
Bill Brandt                                                                 Jacques Henri Lartique
Henri Cartier-Bresson                                           O. Winston Link
Marilyn Bridges                                                        Robert Mapplethorpe
Imogen Cunningham                                             Mary Ellen Mark
Lewis Carroll                                                           Jay Maisel
William Christenberry                                            Joel Meyerowitz
Bruce Davidson                                                      Jeanloup Sieff
Michael Disfarmer                                                  Aaron Siskind
William Eggleston                                                  Jerry Uelsmann
Elliott Erwitt                                                              William Wegman
Ralph Gibson                                                          Cole Weston
Milton Greene
Ernst Haas