Famous Sports Photographers

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Image Walter Iooss
Walter Iooss Jr.
born 1943 may be a famous sports photographer. He was known for his work with Sports Illustrated magazine, that has been showing photos on the quilt of quite three hundred times, he additionally photographed the famous athletes like Michael Jordan, Cal Ripken, Jr. and Ken Griffey, Jr.. he's represented by the Stockland Martel. He additionally has made images for the magazine swimsuit for quite thirty years. once an extended time taking photos within the sport, Walter Iooss undoubtedly contains a ton of things which will be revealed. And he can publish. Now, Walter contains a ton to own variety of photography books, most of that show the fruit of labor and perseverance over the years, and a few collaborative works with a number of the legends of sports.

Image Neil LeiferNeil Leifer
Neil Leifer was born on December 28, 1942, he was a famous sports photographer than as a photographer he is also a filmmaker who has been known primarily for his work in the Time Inc. magazine family. NEIL Leifer became a professional photographer while still in their teens. Started in 1960 as a freelancer, his image began to appear regularly in every major national magazines, including Saturday Evening Post, Look, LIFE, Newsweek, Time and, most often, Sports Illustrated. He is generally regarded as the greatest sports photographers in history.

image Aaron Chang
Aaron Chang Born in Tucson, Arizona on 9 August 1956. he is famous photographers who specialized in surf sports. Aaron Chang Kem introduced into the sea during summer vacation on the Pacific Coast. Both his parents were school teachers. Scottish descent, her mother Marilyn was taught the art of creativity and reduced to Chang, her father Howard is the Chinese people, he has been around the world to take photos of surfing Hawaii and Bali Indonesia.

Hy Money
he was a photographer first female sports, he continues to struggle in getting sports photos. A trip to Crystal Palace Football Club as a birthday present for eight year old son, encouraging him to take action photos. At this time women were not allowed into the field to take pictures. Hy is later recognized as the first female sports photographer in Fleet Street. Photo girl was often seen in books, in magazines and on the sports pages.

image Charles Conlon
Charles Conlon
Conlon is a photographer sport baseball. Conlon was born in Albany, big apple in 1868. He grew up in neighboring Troy and retire there. He died in 1945, predeceased by his wife and had no children or siblings. (Amedio, E8) original glass plate negative Charles Conlons' Northern Rock is owned by very few, Arkansas collector John Rogers. collection of eight, 400 is completely different Conlon glass negatives stored in the Archive www.johnrogersarchive.com John Rogers. Rogers displayed a variety of Conlon at The National Sports Collectors Convention in Baltimore, MD in July 2010.