Famous Animal Photographers

Susan ley
Susan ley is  famous photographers who have experience in taking photos of animals, agriculture and personal photos of children. susan ley took the first photos for the ranch in 1985 and now has client many from coast to coast to create an ad of animal husbandry as well as taking photos for advertising sold. Susan ley is also a member of Professional Photographers of Ohio.

Chrisbrunskill an animal photographer who likes challenges, in a photograph he took a picture that jumps the shark in False Bay. photographer (32) who is now based in England, he led the tour in Ranthambhore National Park for photography in India. and will lead the tour around the world.

terry dunks
Terry Dunks is an animal photographer, to see a more complete collection visit http://danks.netfirms.com/home.htm

Paolo Barbanera
Paolo Barbanera born in Rome in 1963, he was an animal photographer. Paolo's interest in nature and animals manifested from childhood. at the University of Biological Sciences Address Zoologischer he feels the need to describe the animals and documenting their behavior so that the interest in photography which quickly turned into passion. he realized that photography is more than shoot a subject or scene, becomes a means to inform her interminable silence, he waited a long time, of infinite admiration for the beauty of the world. photography developed and become not only half recorded, but also an artistic tool and style. He specializes in geographic scope and nature photography. This new vision of photography requires him to work for many years by the agencies and Panda Photos Markup, many photos published in magazines Paolo main Italian travel and the natural environment.