Famous Aerial Photographers

Félix Nadar (1820 to 1910)

Famous Aerial Photographers - Félix Nadar (1820 to 1910)
Nadar was born in April 1820 in Paris (though some sources state Lyon). French photographer Gaspard-Félix Tournachon was a lot of common together with his pseudonym Félix Nadar. Nadar took his initial photograph within the year 1853, whereas he took his initial aerial photograph within the year 1856. His earliest surviving aerial photograph is taken over Paris, within the year 1866. Somewhere around 1863, Félix Nadar engineered an oversized balloon, that was named as Le Géant. another credits of Nadar embrace the primary ever photo interview with Michel Eugène Chevreul and images of Victor Hugo on his death bed. The famous Prix Nadar is given away in his remembrance.
In the 1840s Nadar moved in socialist, bohemian circles and developed sturdy republican convictions. For his friend Charles Baudelaire, Nadar personified ‘the most astonishing expression of vitality’. In 1845 he revealed his initial novel, La gown de Déjanira, and therefore the following year he launched into his career as a caricaturist, operating for La Silhouette and Le Charivari and subsequently for the Revue comique (1848) and Charles Philipon’s Journal pour rire (1849), that later became the Journal amusant (1856). Nadar ended his career as a caricaturist in 1865, by which period he had become famous photographers.
Nadar became acknowledge for his Panthéon Nadar, a lithographic panorama of latest French cultural celebrities, revealed on twice, once within the Lanterne magique (1854) and once in Le Figaro (1858), however unfinished. for a few of the c. three hundred figures (Honoré de Balzac and Victor Hugo, for example) Nadar had recourse to already existing portrait images. Following this use of photography, Nadar determined to determine himself as a photographer, initially together with his brother Adrien Tournachon (1825–1903), whom he apprenticed to the photographer Gustave Le grey in 1853, before himself coaching with Camille d’Arnaud and Auguste Bertsch (d 1871). With few exceptions, Nadar’s negatives are held within the Caisse Nationale des Monuments Historiques et des Sites (head workplace, Hôtel de Sully, Paris); studio prints are held within the Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris.

Famous Aerial Photographers - James Wallace Black (1825 to 1896)
American photographer James Wallace Black was professionally called J.W. Black. He began his career as a painter however soon when, shifted his interest towards photography. J.W. Black was a renowned portrait photographer, however, it's vital for you to understand, that he was the primary yank aerial photographer. Black later became the licensed user of candle powered Laterna Magica or Magic Lantern, that was a picture projector that made fashionable pictures of the nice Boston fireplace.
So lamented James Wallace Black concerning the stress placed upon his chosen profession. when attempting his luck as a painter in Boston, he turned to photography, starting as a daguerreotype plate polisher. In collaboration with the balloon navigator Samuel A. King, Black created the primary successful aerial images within the u.  s. in 1860. By the late 1870s Black's business largely consisted of lantern slide production, as well as his famous pictures of the nice Boston fireplace of 1872.

Eduard Spelterini (1852 to 1931)
Famous Aerial Photographers - Eduard Spelterini (1852 to 1931)
Spelterini was born in Bazenheid in the Toggenburg area in Switzerland as Eduard Schweizer.  His father, Sigmund Schweizer, was an innkeeper.  When he was eight years old, the family reportedly moved to northern Italy, to a place near the Swiss-Italian border in the province of Como. Eduard is said to have followed the schools in Lugano.  At the age of eighteen, Eduard allegedly went first to Milan and then to Paris to be trained as an opera singer. During this time, he's also said to have chosen the fancier name "Spelterini" instead of the plain "Schweizer".  According to his biographers, his singing career was cut short, though, by a severe case of pneumonia.
Known as the “King of the Air,” the Swiss balloonist Eduard Spelterini (1852–1931) enchanted the imaginations of European royalty, military generals, wealthy patrons, and the public alike with his mastery of the most whimsical mode of travel ever invented—the gas balloon. During the course of his storied aviation career, Spelterini flew his balloons over the Swiss Alps, across the Egyptian pyramids, and past the ziggurats of the Middle East, taking breathtaking photographs of landscapes and cities from the sky.
On Spelterini’s first ballooning ventures, he ferried aristocrats between Vienna, Bucharest, Athens, and other European capitals, on flights that became so famous that they were soon jam-packed with an international press corps looking for the next sensational story. Later in his life, Spelterini was the first aeronaut to succeed in the hazardous passage over the Swiss Alps, a trip then thought impossible. Eventually, he decided to bring his camera on every voyage in order to document the full panorama of international vistas he encountered.
Eduard Spelterini—Photographs of A Pioneer Balloonist is the first book after 80 years to present these images of his journeys, reproduced directly from the artist’s original glass negatives. Contextualized by essays that explore both Spelterini’s life and his photographic work, the photographs featured in this volume capture the heady mix of danger and discovery that defined the early years of international air travel when balloons ruled the skies.

Talbert Abrams (1895 to 1990)
Famous Aerial Photographers - Talbert Abrams (1895 to 1990)
America born Talbert Abrams (Ted Abrams) is remembered because the "father of aerial photography". He served within the US Marine Corps throughout WW I. at the side of buying a completely equipped normal basic aircraft, he additionally founded Abrams Aerial Survey Corporation, Abrams Instrument Corporation and Abrams Aircraft Corporation, for betterment of cameras, instruments and aircraft for aerial photography. Talbert Abrams additionally founded Abrams college of Aerial Surveying and Photo Interpretation throughout WW II. Every year, Talbert Abrams Award is presented to an excellent contributor to aerial photography. Today, Abrams Aerial Survey Corporation, founded in 1923, annually completes precision aerial surveys and remote sensing for thousands of highway, transmission and pipe line miles. Michigan Transportation Hall of Honor, 1976

William Garnett (1916 to 2006)
Famous Aerial Photographers - William Garnett (1916 to 2006)
Garnett was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1916, and in 1920 his family moved to Pasadena, California. when graduating from Pasadena's John Muir Technical highschool he studied for one year at the Art Center college in l.  a.   and then, starting in 1938, he worked for 2 years as an freelance business photographer and graphic designer.
In 1955, Garnett had his 1st one-man show at the George Eastman House in Rochester, New York. His work was conjointly included in Edward Steichen's The Family of Man exhibition at the Museum of recent Art in big apple town in 1955.
According to the Getty Museum, Garnett "experimented with a range of camera formats and films however found that 2 35mm cameras (one loaded with black-and-white film, and another with color film) best suited his desires." In 1958 Garnett moved from l.  a.   to Napa, California, and continued operating as an advert photographer for following 10 years. Garnett's photography was featured in several national magazines, as well as Fortune, Life, Reader's Digest, and also the big apple Times Magazine. Garnett died on August twenty six, 2006 at his home in Napa, California.
American born William Garnett, was one in all the famous aerial and landscape photographers. Garnett began his career in photography within the year 1938 as an freelance business photographer similarly as a successful graphic designer. throughout 1944, he worked for Lockheed aircraft company to make coaching films for US Signal Corps. Soon afterward, Garnett purchased his own plane for the sake of aerial photography. He earned essential attention similarly as 1st 3 Guggenheim fellowships for his landscape photography. He purchased Cessna 170B and used Pentax 6X7 for captures.
Georg Gerster (1928)

Famous Aerial Photographers - Georg Gerster (1928)
Born in Winterthur, in 1950 Gerster earned a doctorate at the University of Zurich in Germanistik. Gerster's early photographic reportage and movie volumes detailed landscapes of North Africa. George Gerster was honored in 1976 with the Prix Nadar. His photos are shown in single and cluster exhibitions in Europe, Japan and therefore the USA. He was represented by the Rapho photo agency. The fact that he doesn't solely wish to form "beautiful pictures" shows in his professional and exactly investigated captions and book texts.

Georg Gerster could be a Swiss aerial photographer and journalist. Since the year 1956, Gerster has been a contract journalist. He continuously stressed upon journalism with science reporting and flight photography. Georg Gerster's photography was illustrious as a result of its universal subjects and technological finesse in quality of the aerial pictures. a number of his famous publications embrace, Der Mensche auf seiner Erde, Lights of discovery: the planet from higher than, The Past from Above: Aerial pictures of Archaeological Sites, Paradise Lost: Persia from higher than.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand (1946)
Famous Aerial Photographers - Yann Arthus-Bertrand (1946)
Yann Arthus-Bertrand, founded the aerial photography agency Altitude in 1991. It includes six programmes: Six Billion Others, Carbon Action, GoodPlanet Posters, GoodPlanet Junior, GoodPlanet data and GoodPlanet Conso. In April 2009 the United Nations setting Programme (UNEP) appointed him goodwill ambassador. His show Vu du Ciel (Earth From Above), a documentary series concerning the world, airs in thirty four countries. Born in Paris, France; Yann Arthus-Bertrand could be a famous photographer, environmentalist and journalist. a person of versatility, Yann Arthus-Bertrand tried his hand as an actor and assistant director for French movies. once forgoing on it, in 1976 he stayed amongst Masai tribes in Masai Mara National Park, for shut observation of the behavior of lion's families. within the year 2008, Earth from higher than was released on DVDs.