famous Photographs

These famous photographs are featured pictures  of some of the most interesting  historical events and  famous  that have occurred  since  photography was invented. In 1884, George Eastman who developed the technology to replace film photography plate, leading to a technology to be used by film cameras  today, however, that there are many pictures from before the time we were taken by other photographic  methods.

1. The First Photograph (France, 1826)
Created by Nicéphore Niépce, this photo was taken before the first photo that still exists. He calls the method heliography  (sun writing) and this photo taken 8 h exposure time (hence the sun on either side of the  building).

2. Looking Down Sacramento Street (San Francisco, 1906)
Looking Down Sacramento Street

This is the most famous photographs of the devastation caused by  major fires  and earthquakes in san francisco. taken by Arnold Genthe.

3. Breaker Boys (Pennsylvania, 1910)
famous historical photos

This photo was taken by Lewis Hine who traveled the United States taking photographs of  child  labor. This is a photo breaker boys - child labor is used to separate coal from slate. These photos helped lead the nation to ban child labor.

4. The Lynching of Young Blacks (Indiana, 1930)

This photo is of two young men accused of raping a black a white girl. They were hanged by a mob of 10,000. The faces of many who are very telling. A third man was saved by the uncle of the girls who said he was not guilty, taken after the lynching.

5. Migrant Mother (Oklahoma, 1936)
famous historical photos

This is the photograph works of famous Photographer Dorothea Lange, who took the photograph of Florence  Owens  Thompson  (32 years old mother) which is the one big representation  of the Great Depression.  After  Florence  sold her tent to provide food for their children.

6. Hitler in Paris (Paris, 1940)
famous historical photos

This is a photo of Adolf Hitler who visits Paris with architect Albert Speer, on 23 June 1940. at that time Hitler's army had seized  paris.

7. The Last Jew in Vinnitsa (Ukraine, 1941)
famous historical photos

This photo was found  in the   personal album of a soldier Einsatzgruppen, with background vinnitsa last Jews who will be in the firing squad. All the 28,000 Jews people who living there died at the time.